You are only alone

 ~ Chapter 1 ~

Where was I?

oh yeah I was in a park… and the park was so lonely…

no one comes to the park during weekdays, people have jobs, skids have school… I… I am neither. I am lazy ass whore. And i am waiting for a client. I wish I wasn’t so broke, so desperate so hungry. I wish… I really wish. I wasn’t so damn horny.

Here he comes. As always, dressed with clothe that are so neat. He wears a white hoodie, a white v-neck and skinny light blue jeans… His blonde hair… pale skin. As far as business goes, he is the best looking. No doubt. Collage graduate, but i sear he looks like he sprung out of some Disney Channel highschool.

I miss watching the Disney Channel.

He says hi, with a dashing smile… I give him a smirk.. I am so hungry. I think he can tell. I am a mess.

My pink died hair has gone long meaning the dark brown roots are showing, havent washed it in days either. I’m wearing the same skinny black jeans and leather jacket. Both gifts, from Josh… my *gulp* friend (?) I don’t know… I guess when they pay you, they aren’t really friends.

He sits besides me on the bench, way to close. I like it… When I have to take the initiative its the worse.

He takes out a coke can from his hoodie pocket… I know what he wants.

He asks if I’m thirsty. I am… and smile eagerly. I know my eyes are a bit swollen haven’t slept comfortably in a week. But i think he finds it either endearing or pathetic. and hands me the can.

I’m a about to open it, but he says

– nuh-uh…. you know what to do

My smile disappears… This is not gonna go as I expected. We are gonna spend some time in the park first.

I shake the can… I shake it vigurously… As vigorously as I can. Which to Milo (his name… at least the one i know) isn’t enough. He takes it away again and agitates it even more. I get i back. Hold it right in front my face. Even lean it forward to satisfy him further. I can see his anticipating smile. I open it in one swift decisive notion.

The coke splashes all over my face and hair, soaks the jacket and the black tank top i’m wearing underneath. It goes for a few second. I’m soaked. He laughs he ass off. As I stand there soaked holding the can. I lick the dripping coke from my nose and hair. and take a sip. He keeps on laughing. He loves it.

I take the can again, And pour some more on my shirt. He giggles but stares… He is mine. The cold coke drips down the hurts. I feel is, soak my chest down my abs… but blocked by my belt.

Gives me an idea. He is staring. There in the park, he’s gone from laughing uncontrollably at my self humiliation to being a slave of his desires. A slave I can control. I pour more and then take another sip. He stares, and smiles in approval. Trying to get control back. I pour more over my hair.

– Down your pants now, he says.

I was expecting it… he loves shoving things down my pants… I get the coke, undo the studded belt and pour it down. The the underwear is soaked.

What are you wearing? he asks me, taking a look at the light blue fabric of the briefs.

I smile… And say in the most teasing way: You’ll have to find out…

~ Chapter 2 ~

Why did I do that?

Right, I was trying to tease him. But had not even finished pouring the coke down there. when he swung his arms over my shoulder and had me in a headlock staring at his crotch. He has a firm grip. Here’s where it showed how older than me he was. His boyish face was lie, and the good few inches taller made him seem so thin and fragile… but the strength of his arms. I remembered when he had pinned me down before.

I stood there faking some struggle.. I wasn’t really trying. I was too weak. He lowered the headlock now pressing my head against him, hence suffocating against his abs all of my protests. He was warm.

– Are theses boxers or briefs? he said…

I tried to answer but i was being pressed so hard nothing understandable came out. The i realized he was staring at my underwear from behind. My pants must have been sagging and in the position I’m in my underwear must be so easily visible. Then, with his free hand he pushes my head down his crotch release the headlock.

Then I feel his hands… also warm, against my cold lower back.

Reaches, Grabs and Pulls.

I scream in pain… a suffocated scream that is. How did this happen? Why was he doing this? He wasn’t one of these… He likes humiliation, self humiliation. He likes me to be eager and ask… and beg. God have I begged with him. He is intimate. he likes his apartment. His toys… Everything is wrong. I want his apartment… his bed. I need a bed to sleep tonight.

The briefs are stretching over my back. I remind my self to stay put. I still moan… Its involuntary. But i try to breath…

He keeps pulling.. I feel ’em stretching and stretching and squashing. I feel the pressure down. I love the pressure.

And then comes the pain. I was expecting pain. He let’s go and immediately pushes me off the bank to the ground.

I think maybe one too sexual sound came out of my mouth. And he was disgusted.

Then i look around and realize. Its his perfect white hoodie… the coke…



God. I ruined it. And I am going to pay.

 ~ Chapter 3 ~

Is it OK?


I ask, but There’s only silence. The grass is damp… its been raining all week and just this morning… no wonder the park is empty; it might rain again any minute now. I wont notice I’m soaked. and sticky. The coke leaves me damp and sticky.

I try to analyze his expression… Is he mad? Am i done.

I start planning way to beg for forgiveness.

I would eat dirt, I would lick his white sneakers clean, I would pee myself and beg… beg for forgiveness

forgiveness and food.

I get turned own by the idea of how humiliated I could get today.

– I’m sorry… I say quietly. Feigning some humbleness. – Did I ruin it?

He looks at the hoodie, and takes it off. For a second, his skin, his abs, everything is visible. Lean and fit. His v neck shirt intact.

Man its cold he says. I had noticed I’ve been out of someplace warm for too long.

I stay there waiting for an answer to my first questions. But he just stares at the hoodie.

– are we ok? I ask again… I notice my voice coming out squeaky and fragile.

– We will be. he says, You are just gonna have to do it without my help.

I stand there.. trying to decipher the words. He makes it tough that way.

He looks at my overstretched clinging underwear and I get it.

I stand up. In front of him, he chills and lurches back as if to watch a show.

I remove my jacket. It will only get in the way.

I get a good grip and start pulling. from the sides. I pull as high as I can.

He laughs and stares. I pull higher.

I think of people who might be watching us… me , in this situation… but there’s none. I get the urge to scream a little and get some attention. More humiliation… I get hornier, then feel less hungry. Good plan.

I start playing with the briefs… I Pull from the front, and crushes my balls way to hard. He tells me to do it again. I do it harder… my balls are hurt… and I sorta fall on my knees. If only we could do this at his place.

I keep pulling… front, then back… and it burns my ass. It hurts. I want more.

I realize they are over stretched enough to try something.

I grab em from behind and start pulling… they are halfway up my back. I keep it in place with one hand and then throw one arm over my shoulder trying to touch both my hands… I curve my back, I manage to do it rather easily and now i let go and grab the waistband firmly from over my shoulders… I’m gonna pull and pull.

I do it. I get to see his face. He loves it.

– over your head, bitch. He says… My idea exactly.

I curve my back more… I feel the material stretching.. I bend my head back a bit. I hear a few short ripping sounds. But its to late to go back. The baby blue ribbed briefs are gonna be covering my head and my face now. I feel the pressure down my pants, the fabric stretched not only over my back, but around me, the leg-holes stretched and showing my skin on the sides, and the front flap of the ribbed briefs stretching in front of my abs.

A bit more strength and they stretch over my forehead and cover my eyes.

He laughs, and laughs. He asks me to give a little spin. I do.

The under wear is securely placed no doubt… but I’m blind.

There’s a little silence. And then he says

– again.

I do it again.

– That’s so going on YouTube. I hear him talk to himself. I don’t care. I haven’t been on a PC for so long.

Another silent minute passes… I don’t ask anything. I don’t know what he is doing now. he startles me when he speaks from behind me. I don’t know if he stood up… or I just lost my orientation while spinning.

– Can you drop to fours?. He says between giggles.

I say I’ll try. And I do… But as I do. I hear the fabric ripping from behind. There’s a big hole in the back of my briefs from my butt crack up halfway my back at least… but the underwear it’s still trapping me.

– Follow me… he says and I follow his voice, on fours… the damp grass feels colder as crawl following his voice, then unexpectedly I put my hand right into a puddle, it’s about 3 inches deep… no grass but soil and small rocks at the bottom.

Come on!- he indicates me to keep going.

I do. And slowly immerse my other hand and knees into the puddle. A puddle which i do not remember being around.

Then he tells me to stop. I do.. I the middle… feeling my pants gets soaked from the knees up.

-Now… roll around. And I’ll take you home.


Bliss. Finally.

I do it immediately. As I do the underwear rips more and more. My tank top and jeans are soaked,the hole is to big now. and the waistband rolls from down my eyes to my neck. I stop completely drenched. I look up.

Milo smiles. I smile. He asks If I’m OK.

I say I am.


– and the blood? he insists.

Puzzled I follow his stare to my left elbow and shoulder which I scratched with the ground, and its now starting to bleed.

I realize I’m too cold to notice. So I just shrug my shoulders.

He laughs.

– Wish I had a leash and could drag you now…. but in the mean time, Come along.

 ~ Chapter 4 ~

Why now?

is it because I had been selfish? was it because I was to damn hedonistic, egocentric…
was it because I only thought of me, myself and I?

I felt nauseous on the walk home. soaked, muddy and my underwear dangling. His place was a good five blocks away… he asked me to walk on the side of the road… I was puzzled first, but soon I realized he wanted cars to splash me when they drove by. puddles were deep, and the splashing occurred often… but I was happy he didn’t ask me to swim in them. I was now too cold.

We arrived to his place. A cute Stick-Eastlake Victorian house. two floors. He didn’t own it of course, he was in some kind of scholarship program and he got to stay there… those who deserve nothing, have everything. He lives with his mates. I never seen them. except for the skirts i was forced to use last time I was able to guess they were girls.

I was about to step inside , but he asked me to stay there in the porch, till my jeans dried a little. I nodded and waited. As I stand there… I think I want to be taken inside and get done with. I don’t want to be standing up more. I want to be on my knees. It is too cold.

~ Chapter 6 ~

He opens the door. I was shaking, with my arms warped around me, not cos they make me warmer, they are just stuck that way. I had decided to get the leather jacket on the floor.. i would pick it up in the morning… or whatever. I look at him, he has changed clothes, now wearing a black shirt.

He spits on my face.

I smile.

What are you smiling about? he asks, I can sense he is angry.

Nothing… sorry I reply. I am horny. I clean my face with my hand.

Here – he says – Put those one.

He throws a pair of ribbed pink briefs on the small puddle formed by my dripping.

I look at him, he stares back expectant.. he wants me to change there.

I try to move and decide to start with my pants. I pull them off slowly, they are heavy and drenched, so i takes me a while.

I make an effort and remove the soaked shirt. Then I remove the ripped boxers. I put on the now wet briefs

Inside the house, Its warm. I melt.

whoa – he says.

I turn back and he is staring at my back. I know what he sees.

You’ve been worked pretty good since last time. he says and touches me… his hand is warm. The marks from previous “clients”on my back. He likes ’em.

Can I? he asks doubtfully… is unusual on him, I nod him to go ahead.

Surprisingly by the door, there an umbrella basket… he takes a stick from it. Soft wood flexible.

He closes the door. I move against the wall, even the walls are warm… either that or I am really cold… which is more likely. With my hands against the wall, I bed a little, as I wait.

Then smack. I feel the stinging pain from the hit. He hit again… the blood rushes. I don’t move, I don’t even flinch. This I know. This is safe… and this I don’t fear. This is what i like. He hits another 3 times. And smiling he says we will have fun later.

I don’t want to ever leave.

The wooden floor is warm. The carpet of the living room is cozy, all fluffy and thick. There’s a leather couch and glass coffee table. He asks me to wait five minutes. I don’t mind, everything has a golden glow and feels so cozy.

As I stand there in the new wet briefs, I decide to browse the magazines on the coffee table. There’s one with artistic nudes that catch my attention. I decide to kneel on the carpet and browse through it. Most are women… some wearing nothing but heels. One has very small breasts, she is the prettiest. I start to touch myself as I lie there looking at the pictures.

suddenly I feel a hand down my lower back, a firm grasp and a pull. I’m lifted off the floor and thrown over the couch. The briefs are stretched far up and spread over my back. I’m not fighting it. I’m a toy now. He keeps pulling… I moan loud… and louder. He likes it cos he keeps pulling. I hear the rip. and the fabric is sliding over my neck, head, forehead, and over my face. Trapped, blind and humiliated by the fabric of the underwear.

He grabs me, swiftly and I end up in fours over couch. And soon I am being forced his cock in my mouth. he face fucks me harshly. I hear the briefs ripping every time he shoves it in my mouth.

Eventually they snap and completely rip. He stop for second… and notices i can now open my eyes and see him. Only in which pure white tank-top and loose boxers. He is gorgeous.

He doesn’t like it however. Grabs my by the hair. And shoves me inside his crotch, and squeezes his legs tightly. Then he starts spanking my ass Over and over. This goes on for a few minutes. I love every second of it. Then he lets loose. and I pull my head out… I stay in the couch naked, only pieces of the pink briefs dangling. I lie on the couch waiting… I’m horny.

You like this huh? – he asks. I nod, and even let out a doggie pant, and smile. He hates that I smile. I know that… but I can’t help it… I need to sink lower.

He slaps me in the face.

what are you smiling at? he asks.

I shrug. He slaps me again.

Humiliate yourself He commands.


Naked in the couch I don’t know what to do.. so i decide slap myself. He does not react, i do it again… and nothing. I do it harder… this one leaves me a little dizzy. I decide go on all fours and start to spank myself. I do it hard, much harder that he did. I’m still dizzy… but I keep slapping and slapping, I lost count, I do it as hard as I can, and Then I don’t know what happens. everything goes black.