The called him wolf

This was an exercise to re write a fairy tale from the bad guys point of view.

After the past nights, he was exhausted,  going through city dumpsters, one after the other and finding nothing, he’d finally took the risk to return to the forest which he found out wasn’t any more plentiful.

He was getting sleepy but carried on walking, looked like the sun was about to set.

“Excuse me” Said a faint voice to him from behind. He turned and a girl win a red hood was talking to him, beautiful big eyes and equeally red lips…

“do you know the way to a cabin in the woods that is around here? my grandmother lives there.”

The young wolf didn’t answer and the girl repeated the question. He was baffled by both this girl stupidity and his own. How could have he forgotten? The cabin was there… for the taking.

The grandmother would be kind enough to feed him.. if he asked niceley. She was always grateful for company, no one ever visited, probably due to her tenency of getting off track and talking bout movies long forgotten.

He tried to be polite with the girl and that as always meant lying. He told her of the longest route to the cabin. he knew if the grandmother was with her it would be less likely to take interest in a hungry teenager and offer  any meals. and if they arrived together… well, he knew by experience no sane person wants to see a pretty girl they care about hanging out with a wolf like him…

He would take the shortcut and beat her, maybe get some leftoevers before the girl arrived. They parted ways and the young wolf limped, skipped and ran with the strength he could muster.

It was already dark and facing a bristly rain that he arrived at the cabin. The light was on.

He ringed the door once, then twice… and then even an awkward third time..

-Maybe she is out…- he thought but didn’t move and stood there, in front of the door getting wet.

-and what would be the crime in getting those scraps by myself… I could wait for the girl… but if now she seems me there… stalker much? No, better not…  she wouldnt be as trusting.-

He had to take the chance.

Resolute and with the skill and strength that a human body can only summon as a desperate act of survival against starvation, the wolf jumped the window and climbed inside. His skinny legs didn’t make a noise, he was only a fraction of his former self. he tried to dry but decided it was bette to take what he could and run for it.

The house seemed quiet… -why were the lights on? -he kept thinking… but forced himself to try and not come up withan answer, whatever the answer was, it would not lead to food.

But as he grabbed whatever was at reach and lifted his shirt from the front to make a pouch to carry as much as he could, he dropped an apple that rolled away into the corridor, only to stop by the toes of a figure lying in the floor. Dead.

It was old granny… her expression frozen and horrible like if she was in the deepest agony and fear; cold,  eyes wide open and dry  from the days that surely had passed and no one had noticed.

The boy wolf came close and felt both horror and pity. He and everyone had forgotten about her.
he could have saved her and she… maybe… his.

Then the doorbell rang. the girl in the red hood surely at the other side of the door…. and he, infraganti stealing from her and a dead body. He was going to die.

Panicking like he had never before, he shook and trembled. Death upon him… no one would listen to a wolf. no one would believe his story… no one…He would be skinned and hung, he would be locked up for years and forced to labour…Until he could not stand up and rot in a dungeon and die of hungerl like he had been about to anyway.


Unless… He did something… insane.


In a flash he returned the food and without any care, stripped the old grandmother of her clothes. not taking a moment to admire the rigid old body of the woman, he took his own shabby clothes off and for a moment he did realize they were both naked in the same room… only to be crossdressed a minute later.

The doorbell kept ringing. “comming” he said in a voice that sounde like no sound he had ever produced in his life.. coarse and shrill.

“Are you ok grandma?” the girl yelled from the other side of the door. the boy dragged the naked body of the old woman to the side of the bed and stuffed it unceremonoiusly below it.

“Grandma?” the red riding hood kept calling.

“Comming” he said again, and he was surprised how identical it sounded to the last time. He had a gift for consistency it seemed.

Finally, he got on the bed and insde the covers he curled up.

There was a few. more seconds of terrifying silence, when finally he heard the door crash wide open.

What happened next… was a blur.

The girl walked into the room, wet and anguished. she asked questions

and he mumbled the answers.

was she that stupid?

was she that blind?

Then, she got closer.

a scream…

he jumped out and cought up to her. wrestled her.

she fought.

he pressed her neck.

then. crack.

it all became dark.







In the distance a hunter walked by and heard the screams.









He hunt and cut the wolf open.

“So you were doing this because you were hungry? ” he asked the gagged boy as he bled.

“I will make sure you never go up and about with an empty stomach again.”

And then proceeded to fill his stomach with rocks and threw him by the river to sink.