Biography & Artist Statement


Desmænok is the result a collaboration between Andrea and David, two artists and media communicators from Bogotá.  They spent their childhood wishing to be younger and spend the adulthood wishing they had not wasted their childhood like that.  They met in school and started a romantic relationship and common interests drove them into artistic development.  Their work has evolved into a wide array of media, which includes, illustration, graphic novels, photography and video. Perhaps the most evocative of their works are their emotive self-portraits that seem to carry the dark spirit of the scenarios from their childhood as well as potently baring the scars of modern manhood. They show vulnerability and intimate eroticism as well as deep sense of isolation and alienation. It is these portraits that have been most published and exhibited in both their homeland and throughout the web. Six years ago Desmænok begun as a collaborative project to exalt and curate teenage male beauty and obsessive behaviour. They are currently producing new works in their native city, where they live together and take care of a plant, (yes singular).

Artist Statement

“Desmænok” is an on-going autobiographical project, the majority consisting in self-portraits submitted to various situations, that explore the ambience of youth, narcissism, fetish, low comedy and sex. The aim is to explore the nature and singularities behind self exposure, transgressive behaviour, adolescence and memory. We are producing a series of portraits that evoke moments past often ignored from a boys coming of age. A court of character’s from lust and dreams. The images are aesthetically inspired by portraiture from post modern and contemporary setting. By collecting and curating random socially produced content available online as inspiration I am hoping to give a timeless feel to the final images. Key to the project is the painstaking styling and prop building, which I am using to evoke these different persona played out by us.

Desmænok, is about the loneliness, innocence, memories. Its about revenge, its about regrets, its about opportunities, its about power, its about defining oneself. who I am, who I want to be. Yes its sexual, but its not about the orgasm alone. its not about intimacy in the bedroom. its about places, about breaking the rules, about routines, about situations, its about life. yes i want everything to be tainted by it. because it in the end speaks about something I am not, something i was not; But i crave to much to be, And things I may be… but I am not aware.

It not about fantasising, its about constructing fantasies…  Impossible, fantasies. Because most of the things desmænok revolves around, are spontaneous. unthought. They are like Barthe’s pullover gap, accidental. And they are sexy because it accidentally reveals, because its unexpected.

I want to write about this. draw about this. photograph this, record this. fake this.

The actions are just a glimpse of human nature I fixated upon. I saw something valuable there… where no others saw it. I can’t go back to be 13 and do this things… naturally, spontaneously, as they are supposed to happen to people. I saw them happen naturally. I see them happen naturally. I want to fabricate them, for me and for everyone to see.