Dips and lips

I fell asleep and you weren’t there.

It’s funny how sometimes something inside you expects them to always be there.

Silliness indeed.

But your body memorizes their body; the curves and dips,

the muscles and the texture of their lips,

but over all the way their ribs move when they breathe.

Then, when everything is natural… in sync. theyre gone.


sank in the deep.

Did the cold ocean swallow them up?

did they become air, breath, mist…

drifting by in the sea ?

Reminding you of the way their ribs moved when they breathed.

or do they simply disappear in your arms?

leaving a them-shaped hole in your bed

in your mind

You’re left curled up and gasping

grasping at air

grasping for warmth, for breath, for arms.

You’re left wondering,

shouting in the unresponsive recesses of your mind,

who took you away?

why? why are you gone?’

they’re gone,

And you feel again silly, you expected them to always be there.