A statement on a false reality

Me, The Captain and I

There is a story behind this superhero t-shirt. Which is why it was obsessively photographed.

Why did I create this t-shirt.
what was so important about it?

I wanted to make a statement on a false reality.
my stories.
the ones my head.

are not real.

i live in them.

I play in them.
yet they are not there.
Crested that shirt. because the example of all this.
is the captain ray.

the ;made up character,

the lie.
I also created the t-shirt, as a statement.

I have never fit in.
even in my hobbies.
I never fit in.

never fit in.
t-shirts are a way to do so.

we say… i like, i think, i laugh at, i belong in.

the t-shirt says.
I am this.

a lie.
a misfit
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